Your Strong Partner in Energy Sector

About us

ENERPOWER was founded and started its activity since 2013.
We are a dynamically developing company engaged in the development of technical solutions, design documentation, identification of defects, repair, diagnostics, adjustment services and supply of equipment to energy and industrial companies.
We have all necessary resources for the successful implementation of projects in nuclear and thermal energy sector.
The company implemented quality management systems ISO.

Project management and consulting services

We provide the planning, organization and control of resources linked to engineering and projects in power energy sector, guaranteeing profitability, quality and meeting deadlines. 

We help our clients define their priorities, understand their risks and implement management and control procedures and systems to cover their needs, and guarantee the optimal management and implementation of their infrastructures.
Our team of experts allows us to face the Project Management of highly complex and demanding projects.

We are very aware of the importance of providing our services with the latest and most modern innovations and technological tools that allow our clients to make an agile and proactive decision making, anticipating the problems that may arise during the life cycle of their infrastructure.

Design and engineering services for the power generation sector

ENERPOWER provides professional engineering services in power generation sector:

  • 2D, 3D design of standard and non-standard facilities for nuclear and thermal energy sector; 
  • development of technical solutions for radioactive waste management in nuclear energy sector;
  • development of design documentation for parts and units of nuclear and thermal energy sector equipment;
  • reverse engineering (reconstruction of any detail and its documentation on the basis of any original product provided by the client) of nuclear energy sector equipment (steam turbines, generations, etc.)

Supply of equipment, material and repair works

  • ENERPOWER supply equipment and materials for nuclear and thermal energy sector.
  • ENERPOWER provides repair works, modernization and diagnostic of steam turbines and generators.


Enerpower s.r.o.
Marešova 643/6, Černý Most, 198 00 Praha 9, Česká republika